Prosinec 2012

Billie a Christina Aguilera

27. prosince 2012 v 14:32 | Anett |  GD s někým

Zdroj: holdingonmyheart,

Evropské turné 2013

27. prosince 2012 v 14:31 | Anett |  GD
Greeni rozšířili evropské turné 2013 o dalších 11 nových míst. ČR mezi nimi zatím není. Celé turné nejdete tady.

Bylo přidáno: 4 vystoupení v Itálii, 2 ve Francii a po 1 v Srbsku, Rakousku, Polsku, Dánsku a Portugalsku.


27. prosince 2012 v 14:29 | Anett |  Alba

Vydáno: 11.12. 2012
Celkový čas: 46:35
Počet songů: 12
Vydavatel: Reprise Records
Producent: Rob Cavallo
Texty: anglicky

Seznam písní:
1. Brutal Love
2. Missing You
3. 8th Avenue Serenade
4. Drama Queen
5. X-Kid
6. Sex, Drugs & Violence
7. A Little Boy Named Train
8. Amanda
9. Walk Away
10. Dirty Rotten Bastards
11. 99 Revolutions
12. The Forgotten


27. prosince 2012 v 13:55 | Anett |  Mike - fotky


The Forgotten

27. prosince 2012 v 13:54 | Anett |  ¡Tre!
Where in the world is the forgotten?
They're lost inside your memory
You're draggin' on
Your heart's been broken
As well all go down in history

Where in the world did the time go?
It's where your spirit seems to roam
Like losing faith to our abandon
Or an empty hallway from a broken home

99 Revolutions

27. prosince 2012 v 13:54 | Anett |  ¡Tre!
There's trouble in the air
A rumble in the streets
A goin' out business sale
In a race to bankruptcy

It's not 1 to 99
It's 99 to 1
A common cause and a call to arms
For the health of our daughters and our sons

Dirty Rotten Bastards

27. prosince 2012 v 13:54 | Anett |  ¡Tre!
Calling all demons
This is the season
Next stop is therapy

We're the retarded
And the broken-hearted
The season of misery

Walk Away

27. prosince 2012 v 13:54 | Anett |  ¡Tre!
This time
I gotta put my guard down
Pick myself up off the ground
Take the pain

It'll pass
The swelling never really lasts
But the scar remains
Remind me that I'm still living


27. prosince 2012 v 13:54 | Anett |  ¡Tre!
Amanda don't you know
That I still walk around
This foggy roundabout
When I get back in town

I was a different man
From five seconds ago
And you're a different woman
That's for certain
I don't know a thing about

Little Boy Named Train

27. prosince 2012 v 13:42 | Anett |  ¡Tre!
Where did you come from
Where have you been?
Looks like you fell into the trash bin

I'm catching' a train
I'm crashin' the car
Back in for daylight
Shooting for the stars

Sex, Drugs & Violence

27. prosince 2012 v 13:41 | Anett |  ¡Tre!
All my life trouble follows me
Like a mystery girl
I've been chasing around a memory
Like a mystery girl

I've been getting lost searching my soul
All around this town
I took a wrong turn at growing up
And it's freaking me out


27. prosince 2012 v 13:40 | Anett |  ¡Tre!
Hey little kid
Did you wake up late one day
And you're not so young but you're still dumb
And you're numb to your old glory
But now it's gone

I fell in love but it didn't catch your fall
Then I crashed into a wall
Then I fell to pieces on the floor
Now you're sick to death

Drama Queen

27. prosince 2012 v 13:40 | Anett |  ¡Tre!
She is my drama queen
She is so wet and reckless
She is my drama queen
She dangles from her necklace

Daddy's little bundle of joy
Out of a magazine
Everyone's drama queen
Is old enough to bleed now

8th Avenue Serenade

27. prosince 2012 v 13:39 | Anett |  ¡Tre!
Say hello from your window
Say goodbye from your car
Say goodnight from your pillow
Say so long from the stars

Take a walk out of my life
Sing to me a lullaby
Cradle songs for a midlife
Don't forget to pass me by

Missing You

27. prosince 2012 v 13:38 | Anett |  ¡Tre!
Waking up feeling naked
In my clothes inside a room that's vacant
Lost my nerve, it's unnerving
I know there is something I'm forgetting

I searched the moon I lost my head
I even looked under the bed
I punched the walls, I hit the street
I'm pounding the pavement looking

Brutal Love

27. prosince 2012 v 13:34 | Anett |  ¡Tre!
Turn out the lights
Close your eyes
Turn up the silence
The heartache of your life

Dance forever
Under the lights
This brutal love