Listopad 2012

People's Choice

21. listopadu 2012 v 14:17 | Anett |  Hlasujte!
Green Day byli nominováni na cenu People's Choice v kategorii "Oblíbená kapela". Ostatní nominovaní jsou Linkin Park, No Doubt, Maroon 5 a Train. Hlasujte pro ně zde.


21. listopadu 2012 v 14:11 | Anett |  GD...fotky


21. listopadu 2012 v 14:07 | Anett |  GD

Třetí album ¡Tré! z trilogie vyjde 11. prosince 2012. Nejdříve bylo naplánované na 15. ledna, ale Green Day to přesunuli o měsíc dřív. Album bude dlouhé přes 45 minut a bude obsahovat song Dirty Rotten Bastards, který má přes 6 minut! Song The Forgotten byl zahrnut na soundtrack k filmu Twilight a jeho videoklip je tady. Celý setlist v celém článku.

Videoklip The Forgotten z ¡Tre!

21. listopadu 2012 v 14:00 | Anett |  GD
Tento song je součástí soundtracku k filmu Twilight.

Fotky k ¡Dos!

21. listopadu 2012 v 13:58 | Anett |  GD...fotky

¡Dos! zezadu

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21. listopadu 2012 v 13:52 | Anett |  Alba

Vydáno: 13.11. 2012
Celkový čas: 39:21
Počet songů: 13
Vydavatel: Reprise Records
Producent: Rob Cavallo
Texty: anglicky

Seznam písní:
1. See You Tonight
2. Fuck Time
3. Stop When The Red Lights Flash
4. Lazy Bones
5. Wild One
6. Makeout Party
7. Stray Heart
8. Ashley
9. Baby Eyes
10. Lady Cobra
11. Nightlife
12. Wow! That's Loud
13. Amy

Videoklip Stray Heart z ¡Dos!

21. listopadu 2012 v 13:50 | Anett |  GD


21. listopadu 2012 v 13:43 | Anett |  ¡Dos!
Is your heart singing out of tune
Are your eyes just singing the blues
Dirty records from another time
Some blood stains on your shoes

No one really knows about your soul
And I barely even know your name
Burning rhythms and posting lies
And a bunch of fools drown in shame

Wow! That's Loud

21. listopadu 2012 v 13:43 | Anett |  ¡Dos!
Smell your Technicolor in your eyes
Makes me sick with pleasure in my mind
Shake it like it's so enlightening
Staring in the sun that's blinding
Like a bottle rocket in the sky

Dressed to the nines like a black cat's eyes
You're such a beautiful mess tonight


21. listopadu 2012 v 13:43 | Anett |  ¡Dos!
Taking a ride to my old haunts
She's in my blood
I reside in my nightlife

My favor color's candy apple girl
And she resides in my mind of my nightlife

Lady Cobra

21. listopadu 2012 v 13:43 | Anett |  ¡Dos!
Well I met a girl named Lady Cobra
Her black heart beats crimson and clover
She gives me chills and fever blisters
She's serving spells and voodoo shakes

Well she just wants to get me high
Stick a needle in my eye
Reeks like hell, lost in temptation
Lovin' on my inner demons
I don't want a suicide
I don't want this to end
I just to be your friend

Baby Eyes

21. listopadu 2012 v 13:43 | Anett |  ¡Dos!

Year of the rat, last of the litter
Somebody shot the babysitter
They say my middle name is Danger
The kind you keep away from strangers

I say whoa I'm out of control
Well baby when I see your pretty face
I say whoa God rest your fucking soul
'Cuz baby baby I was born to kill


21. listopadu 2012 v 13:43 | Anett |  ¡Dos!
Ashley, are you running around
Are you crying out bloody in murder
Ashley, are you bumming around
You're crying on my cold shoulder

You used to dangle my heart with your puppet strings
You dangled your desires right in front of my face
You led me to the well but wouldn't let me drink
Swallowing my pride and I never even got the taste

Stray Heart

21. listopadu 2012 v 13:42 | Anett |  ¡Dos!
I lost my way oh baby, this stray heart
Went to another
Can you recover, baby
Oh you're the only one that I'm dreaming of
Your precious heart, was torn apart by me

And you you're not alone
Ohh and I'm where I belong
We're not alone, ohh I'll hold your heart and never let go

Makeout Party

21. listopadu 2012 v 13:42 | Anett |  ¡Dos!
Hey got yourself a pretty little mouth
I think I wanna rub you the wrong way
Do you wanna spin the bottle, play a game of chicken
Well it's a tongue twister 'til your lips are bleeding

Anyhow, anywhere kiss me there
Oh kiss me there
Scream and shout, truth or dare kiss me there
Oh kiss me there

Wild One

21. listopadu 2012 v 13:41 | Anett |  ¡Dos!
She, she's my wild one
My heart is in panic
Her eyes look so manic now

She, little wild one
My heart is a chaser
She's strung out on razors now

Lazy Bones

21. listopadu 2012 v 13:41 | Anett |  ¡Dos!
I'm too tired to be bored
I'm too bored to be tired
And the silence is so deafening
It's like picking at a sore

I'm too mental to go crazy
I'm too drunk to be pure
And my mind is playing tricks on me
And I can't sleep tonight
Cuz I'm so tired

Stop When The Red Lights Flash

21. listopadu 2012 v 13:33 | Anett |  ¡Dos!
Uncomfortable silence
I'll kill it if you want me to
I'm like ultraviolet
I'll kill it if you want me to

Out of sight, out of mind
I'm not the hurting kind

Fuck Time

21. listopadu 2012 v 13:33 | Anett |  ¡Dos!
I'll drop your laundry and slam the door
I don't want your love so give me more
I'm a beggar but I don't want a dime

Oh baby baby it's fuck time
You know I really wanna make you mine
Oh baby baby it's fuck time
There's nothing left to say